Police mobilisation at our neighborhood

Today 11/10/21 an ambulance of the EKAB came to the neighborhood to treat and receive a person with serious health problems. A police car came with them. The cops wanted to break into the building to get the dog that was inside.

We informed them that they could not invade our spaces, that we were taking responsibility for the incident and that we did not need anything. The patrol officer called for backup, falsely reporting that he was in danger from a group of people moving aggressively against them.

In no time a riot squad of MAT and a YMET (blue Riot Police) approached from two sides the people of the neighborhood who had gathered to prevent their invasion of the neighborhood. Very quickly the platoons retreated when the assembled neighbourhood started approaching them shouting and finally they were driven away under the general outcry they received from the neighbourhood balconies and from the patients of St. Sava Hospital. The immediate numerous mobilization of the comrades/compañeros and residents was done in defense of the community and the neighborhood.

The old dog of the house was removed with our help and our sick neighbor was transported without any problem by the ambulance. The cops once again showed up in the neighborhood only to cause trouble, only to show they were in control, which once again failed.

Saturday, October 16, 12:00 Demonstration at Metro Panormou

Συνέλευση Κατειλημμένων Προσφυγικών(ΣΥ.ΚΑ.ΠΡΟ)

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