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Informations from the perspective of Sy.Ka.Pro

The new season started in low-tension conflictuality with the government despite the fact that during summer huge fires burned one-third of Greek forests. And this destruction clearly occured with the responsibility of the government.

In our squatted community of Prosfygika, on Alexandras Avenue, we run an intense campaign against the repression and gentrification of our neighborhood. We organized several info-events in squares for people to know that the state and the companies want to kick out hundreds of people from the communities houses.
On 5th October, we intervened to the leftist former-government radio station Kokkino and newspaper Avgi with the target to make them publish our statement. We specifically target this party because it is one of the main actor of the gentrification process, pushing the state mechanism to forward its plans.

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presentation of pedagogical projects in the metropolis, liberated spaces and territories of struggle

Saturday 27/11

11:00. with children & vegan breakfast

14:00. Education in insurrection // the educational process in Zapatistas communities

17:00. bazaar and collective kitchen

18:00. self-presentation of prosfigika’s children structure & of the pedagogical project «The little tree that will become a forest»


Sunday 28/11.

13:00. athletic activities for children & bazaar for financial support (with clothing, toys and books)

15:00. The modern school and Francisco Ferrer

19:00. videopresentation from a member of Rojava’s educational committee// the educational system in Rojava


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Anja Flach informiert im Prosfygika über Frauenrevolution

Das Prosfygika ist eine selbstverwaltete Nachbarschaft im Zentrum der griechischen Hauptstadt Athen. Hier fand am Sonntag, 7/11/21, eine gut besuchte Veranstaltung mit der Hamburger Ethnologin und Autorin Anja Flach zur Frauenrevolution in Rojava statt. Bevor Flach die Gäste vorab zur aktuellen Situation in allen Teilen Kurdistans informierte, stellte sich zunächst die griechische Plattform der Kampagne „RiseUp4Rojava“ vor und machte ihre Arbeiten bekannt. Anschließend startete Flach mit der Präsentation des Kurzfilmes „Azadî çi ye?“ ihren Vortrag. Nach den eindrucksvollen Stimmen der Frauen aus Rojava folgte eine kurze Erläuterung über die momentane politische Lage. Continue reading

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Police mobilisation at our neighborhood

Today 11/10/21 an ambulance of the EKAB came to the neighborhood to treat and receive a person with serious health problems. A police car came with them. The cops wanted to break into the building to get the dog that was inside.

We informed them that they could not invade our spaces, that we were taking responsibility for the incident and that we did not need anything. The patrol officer called for backup, falsely reporting that he was in danger from a group of people moving aggressively against them.

In no time a riot squad of MAT and a YMET (blue Riot Police) approached from two sides the people of the neighborhood who had gathered to prevent their invasion of the neighborhood. Very quickly the platoons retreated when the assembled neighbourhood started approaching them shouting and finally they were driven away under the general outcry they received from the neighbourhood balconies and from the patients of St. Sava Hospital. The immediate numerous mobilization of the comrades/compañeros and residents was done in defense of the community and the neighborhood.

The old dog of the house was removed with our help and our sick neighbor was transported without any problem by the ambulance. The cops once again showed up in the neighborhood only to cause trouble, only to show they were in control, which once again failed.

Saturday, October 16, 12:00 Demonstration at Metro Panormou

Συνέλευση Κατειλημμένων Προσφυγικών(ΣΥ.ΚΑ.ΠΡΟ)

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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financial support call from germany

article from de.indymedia

poster says:

Prosfygika has been occupied for several decades and has been a place of refuge and self-organization for refugees, migrants and activists since the 1920s. Due to the increasing authoritarian formation and the wave of evictions in Greece, Prosfygika is very threatened. Around 400 people with diverse histories (political communist refugees from Turkey, refugees from Moria, Greek anarchists, Kurdish activists, and many more) live together and organize in various ways: communal bread baking, market sales, a Wom*n’s Cafe, and a collectively run kiosk. Prosfygika stands for a neighborhood that is resistant to fascist and capitalist attacks.
Let’s be together in practical solidarity and collect donations against repression costs.

“We are concious of our ability to take our lives into our own hands. We defend the Squatting Movement and Prosfygika (…)
of challenging domination indeed and as a part of social leberation.”


Donate to: Rote Hilfe e.V.

Stichwort: Support Prosfygika
IBAN: DE55 4306 0967 4007 2383 17

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Homophobic and transphobic attacks of the male-dominates system continue all over the world. In June, there was a police attack on the pride parade in Turkey, on July 5, fascists and racists attacked the LGBTI+ office in Tbilisi, Georgia, and on the same day, an LGBTI+ healthcare worker was murdered in Spain. Additionally, the Hungarian government presented a new homophobic law against LGBTI+ on July 7. 

We express our solidarity with all LGBTI+ affected by these brutal attacks and with all LGBTI+ around the world. We want to underline our solidarity with refugee-LGBTI+, as they face especially hard discrimination. 

Let’s destroy the homophobic and transphobic system together!
Freedom to all sexual and gender identities!
Leave no one ever alone!

Women structure of Sy.ka.Pro

Οι ομοβοβικές και τρανσοφοβικές επιθέσεις της πατριαρχίας, συνεχίζονται σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο. Τον Ιούνιο, η αστυνομία επιτέθηκε στην παρέλαση υπερηφάνειας στην Τουρκία, στις 5 Ιουλίου, φασίστες και ρατσιστές επιτέθηκαν στα γραφεία της LGBTI+ κοινότητας στην Τιφλίδα της Γεωργίας και την ίδια ημέρα, έν@ LGBTI+ εργαζόμεν@ υγείας, δολοφονήθηκε στην Ισπανία. Επίσης, η Ουγγρική κυβέρνηση παρουσίασε έναν νέο ομοφοβικό νόμο ενάντια στην LGBTI+ κοινότητα,  στις 7 Ιουλίου.
Εκφράζουμε την αλληλεγγύη μας στην LGBTI+ κοινότητα που βάλλεται από όλες τις βίαιες επιθέσεις και στεκόμαστε μαζί με την  LGBTI+ κοινότητα σε όλον τον κόσμο. Θα θέλαμε να υπογραμμίσουμε την αλληλεγγύη μας, ειδικά στην LGBTI+ προσφυγική κοινότητα, που αντιμετωπίζει  ιδιαιτέρως σκληρές διακρίσεις. 
Ας καταστρέψουμε το ομοφοβικό και τρανσφοβικό  σύστημα μαζί!
Λευτεριά σε όλες τις ταυτότητες φύλου και σεξουαλικότητας! Ποτέ κανέν@ μόν@! 

Γυναικεία δομή ΣΥ.ΚΑ.ΠΡΟ.

Erkek egemen sistemin homofobik ve transfobik saldırıları tüm dünyada devam ediyor. Haziran’da Türkiye’de onur yürüyüşüne polis saldırısı oldu, 5 Temmuz’da Gürcistan’ın Tiflis kentindeki LGBTİ+ ofisine faşistler ve ırkçılar saldırdı ve aynı gün İspanya’da bir LGBTİ+ sağlık çalışanı öldürüldü. Ek olarak, Macar hükümeti 7 Temmuz’da LGBTİ+’lara karşı yeni bir homofobik yasa sundu.

Bu vahşi saldırılardan etkilenen tüm LGBTİ+’larla ve dünyadaki tüm LGBTİ+’larla dayanışmamızı ifade ediyoruz. Özellikle ağır ayrımcılığa maruz kaldıkları için mülteci-LGBTİ+ ile dayanışmamızın altını çizmek istiyoruz.

Homofobik ve transfobik sistemi birlikte yok edelim!
Tüm cinsel ve cinsiyet kimliklerine özgürlük!
Hiç kimseyi yalnız bırakma!

Sy.ka.Pro. kadınların yapısı

تستمر الهجمات المعادية للمثليين والمتحولين جنسياً من النظام الذي يسيطر عليه الذكور في جميع أنحاء العالم.  في يونيو ، كان هناك هجوم للشرطة على موكب الفخر في تركيا ، في 5 يوليو ، هاجم الفاشيون والعنصريون مكتب LGBTI + في تبليسي ، جورجيا ، وفي نفس اليوم ، قُتل عامل رعاية صحية من LGBTI + في إسبانيا.  بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، قدمت الحكومة المجرية قانونًا جديدًا ضد المثليين في 7 يوليو.

 نعرب عن تضامننا مع جميع LGBTI + المتضررين من هذه الهجمات الوحشية ومع جميع LGBTI + في جميع أنحاء العالم.  نريد أن نؤكد تضامننا مع اللاجئين LGBTI + ، لأنهم يواجهون تمييزًا شديدًا بشكل خاص.

 دعونا ندمر نظام رهاب المثليين والمتحولين جنسياً!  الحرية لجميع الهويات الجنسية والجندرية!  لا تترك ابدا أحدا بمفرده!

Women structure of Sy.ka.Pro


Los ataques homofóbicos y transfóbicos del sistema dominado por hombres continúan en todo el mundo.  En junio, hubo un ataque policial en la marcha del orgullo gay en Turquía, el 5 de julio, fascistas y racistas atacaron la oficina LGBTI + en Tbilisi, Georgia, y el mismo día, un trabajador de la salud LGBTI + fue asesinado en España.  Además, el gobierno húngaro presentó una nueva ley homofóbica contra LGBTI + el 7 de julio.

Expresamos nuestra solidaridad con todos los LGBTI + afectados por estos brutales ataques y con todos los LGBTI + del mundo.

Queremos subrayar nuestra solidaridad con los refugiados LGBTI +, ya que se enfrentan a una discriminación especialmente dura.

¡Destruyamos juntos el sistema homofóbico y transfóbico!

¡Libertad a todas las identidades sexuales y de género!

¡Nunca dejes a nadie solo!

Estructura de mujeres de SY.KA.PRO
Atenas, Grecia.

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Τürkiye’deki mücadele eden yoldaşlarımız için yaptığımız eylem ve bir kaç dayanışma sözü

Bugün Türk hükümeti, İstanbul Sözleşmesi hakkında hayati bir karar alıyor. İstanbul Sözleşmesi, bir ulus devlet olan Türkiye için daha adil ve belki de daha az şiddet içeren bir “adalet sistemi”ne doğru bir adım olabilirdi. Türkiye’deki adalet sistemi bu sözleşmenin imzalanması ve uygulanmasıyla, en azından kadınların kişisel ve bedensel bütünlük hakkı gibi temel insan haklarını asgari düzeyde korumak zorunda kalacaktı.
Türkiye’de her üç günde bir kadın, kadın olduğu için öldürülüyor. Ülke totaliter faşist bir rejime doğru devam ederken, kadınlara yönelik şiddet oranı da bununla doğru orantılı olarak artıyor. Faşizm ve kadına yönelik şiddet ve LGBTQI*, tarihte bağlantılıydı. Türkiye, İstanbul Sözleşmesi’nden çekilirken rejimse bize bir kez daha aşağılık ve faşist yüzünü gösteriyor.

Baskıcı ve kadın düşmanı yasalara ve bunları uygulayan ulus devletlere karşı yoldaşlarımızla yan yanayız. Türkiye’deki yoldaşlarımızın geçen bunca yıl boyunca verdikleri mücadeleyi takdir ediyoruz. Tüm dünyada yürütmek zorunda olduğumuz mücadelemizin bir parçası olan bu güçlü ve başarılı hareketi görmek bize güç veriyor.

Haklarımız için verilen mücadelenin devamı için sizlere en derin dayanışmamızı ve gücümüzü gönderiyoruz.
Fasizme karsi omuz omuza!

Istanbul sözlesmesinden vazgecmigoruz!
Kadinlari degil katilleri engelliyin!
Fight violence against women everywhere!
Kadın katliamlarına, nefret cinayetlerine, tacize, tecavüze karşı İstanbul sözleşmesini uygula!
Erkek egemen faşizme karşı yaşasın kadın dayanışması!
Lgbti+ fobiye, nefrete karşı İstanbul sözleşmesini uygula!
Kadın düşmanları gidecek sözleşme kalacak!
Haklarımızdan, hayatlarımızdan, İstanbul sözleşmesinden vazgeçmiyoruz!

Women structure of Sy.ka.Pro

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Intervention & Words of Solidarity to our fighting comrades in Turkey

Today the Turkish government is deciding about the acceptance or rejection of the Convention of Istanbul. This convention could be a step towards a more fair and maybe a less violent “system of justice” in the nation state of Turkey. Through resigning the convention the justice system in Turkey would not be forced anymore to keep at least the minimum rights of women. Which are the basic human rights like the right to personal and physical integrity. In Turkey, every third day a women gets killed because she is a women. The rate of violence against women is rising through the continues development towards a totalitarian fascist regime. Fascism and violence against women and LGBTQI* had been mostly connected in history. If Turkey is not signing the Convention, the regime is once again showing us its inhume and fascistic face.
We are standing side by side with our comrades against repressive and misogynist laws and the nation states which implements them. We appreciate the fight of our comrades in Turkey for all this passed years and it gives us strength and force to see all this powerful and successful movement for our fight we have to enforce all over the world.
We send you our deepest solidarity and power for the continuity of the fight for our rights.
Faşizme karşi omuz omuza!

Istanbul sözleşmesinden vazgeçmiyoruz!
Kadinlari değil katilleri engelliyin!
Fight violence against women everywhere!
Kadın katliamlarına, nefret cinayetlerine, tacize, tecavüze karşı İstanbul sözleşmesini uygula!
Erkek egemen faşizme karşı yaşasın kadın dayanışması!
Lgbti+ fobiye, nefrete karşı İstanbul sözleşmesini uygula!
Kadın düşmanları gidecek sözleşme kalacak!
Haklarımızdan, hayatlarımızdan, İstanbul sözleşmesinden vazgeçmiyoruz!

Women structure of Sy.ka.Pro

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Events on 26. & 27. of June

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Rigaer94 is alive – An address to our friends and comrades

Thanks to every support that was developed during the last weeks and especially the last two days of preparation and collective fight against our common enemies, we managed to develop the most intensive fighting days that we could have imagined. Days which turned every plan from the state and capital into a catastrophy. A great reminder to ourselves, our collective and its supporters, how important the movement’s networks, infrastructures of solidarity and self-organisation are.
Starting with the defence of the neighbourhood against the establishment of the red zone, we drew the right concequence out of the aggressions of the state and the real estate market, against the people living in the city. The announcement of dangerzones and red zones, where people get easy targets for the police in order to create an atmosphere of isolation and fear, has become normality in this city of the rich. We saw in the last years many occassions where we as those who are targeted by the states attacks had to stand in almost silent protest at the fences, guarded by a militarized police force. Let’s name the eviction of the Ohlauer School in Kreuzberg, the eviction of the Kiezladen Friedel54 and all the other projects as Syndikat, Meuterei and our neighboors Liebig34. This fact can not be tolerated anymore – the people have to rise up!
Therefore, as a result,for more than 48 hours, we managed all together, locally and decentrally to take the offensive into the streets and defend our structures and ideas through militant means and put pressure before the enemies had even started their repressive-operations. We decided not to wait for the lackeys of the state to create another zone where they can easily target autonomous structures and rebellious neighborhoods. That’s why an autonomous zone was build up around the Rigaer94 at an hour the cops did not expect. Streets got closed together with many people and a long-lasting defence of barricades happened, with the means of the autonomous movement . Until the deployment of heavy technical equipment as an eviction tank and two watercanons the police was not able to enter our street. Let’s understand these events as a proposal to the people in the metropolitan field and outside of it, to answer the upcoming attacks. Not only against Rigaer94, also against Köpi and all the other threatened projects and our ideas, as well as any attack of the state and its merely presence.
But the state and capital war is not over yet. They will not only attempt to attack Rigaer94 again but also attack and target every single structure and individual who fights against this suphocated society on a daily basis. We should continue getting organised and expand our networks of solidarity broader. We call for more intensive fighting not only around Nordkiez to reinforce the continuity of this rebellious neighborhood, but also decentrally, in every corner of the city.
Let’s continue fighting all together against the city of the rich. Until every initial plan from the state and capital are ashes!

Friends and comrades of Rigaer94
For more informations:

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