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How to find us?

We live in central Athens, just between the Court of Justice (ex infamous Averoff prison) and the Police headquater. You can find us at Alexandras avenue. Very close to metro: Ampelokipoi station
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First time here?

You will not see a lot coming here randomly and without making contact first. The best time to come is every Thursday, between 16:00-17:30, when we are having open communal meal. This is the time when a lot of residents meet at our “steki” (see red dot on the map — the door should be open and steki is at the top floor). Also in steki, every Monday between 16:00 and 17:00 we start our weekly open general assemblies / Summer 18:00, usually lasting until 22:00.

Every Wednesday from about 7:00 until 16:00 we make and distribute bread (for bakery, see green dot on the map). Here also you can meet interesting people, as the breadmaking is not just a technical, but also social event.