Intimidation attempt against Prosfigika Squat

This morning, August 5, four unknown men broke into a house in the first block of Alexandras Av. They tried to give the impression of undercover police officers and threatened migrant residents that they would have to leave the house. If not, they will be evicted. Greek residents with regular contracts would be allowed to stay.
After some back and forth and the vain request to identify themselves, the intruders were pushed out of the house by the now alarmed neighbourhood and fled. A cop from the local Ambelokipi police station told the neighbourhood that this was not an official police action. The night before, a DIAS patrol had already harassed a migrant living here in the settlement.
Via open channels, an assembly was mobilised for the early evening at Prosfigika to discuss the incident today, who is not alone. There has been speculation in the press about an upcoming eviction, the city is trying to determine the ownership of the apartment blocks and recently workers tried to drill test holes for an underground car park.
Shortly before today’s meeting started, several DIAS and DELTA units provocatively drove up in front of the buildings to intimidate those present.

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