Update on the riot police attack on the gathering at the GADA

On 16/03, we gathered outside GADA, after the arrest of our comrades in Victoria Square where the cops in an organized operation against refugees and migrants bullied and arrested those who tried to stop them. Among the 14 arrested is a comrade active in the Community of Squatted Prosfigika. The gathering of about fifty people was attacked by the cops with aggressive characteristics after our comrades refused to leave their position. They hit comrades with shields and globes, threw people down and kicked them.

As we were returning to our neighborhood after the gathering, cops blocked our way, forcing us to go elsewhere deliberately, knowing that we were from Prosfigika. Then they chased us to Trichonidos and entered our neighborhood. Our comrades defended our community by making it clear to the cops that the Prosfigika neighborhood will never be a breeding ground for bullying and threats. People who were already in the neighborhood opened the doors for the comrades, the corresponding positions were taken, while at the same time they were heard by their radios to retreat.

If we do not resist in all neighborhoods, our cities will become modern prisons! 

We stand with migrants, deportation to cops and Nazis!

Assembly of Squatted Prosfygika

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