Small-kidnaps from the cops in Prosfygika on 23/2

Small-kidnaps from the cops in Prosfygika on 23/2
In the morning of Wednesday 23/2 two comrades of the community were doing their daily patrol of Prosfygika’s neighborhood, around 5:45 a civil jeep cop car raided the neighborhood and directed towards the two comrades. From the inside of the jeep-car 4 uniformed of OPKE (Crime Prevention and Repression Teams-ΟΠΚΕ) and without a warning they pushed the comrades against the wall and started body searches and of course they did not find anything on them- something that the cops would really like to happen. Then the OPKE left. The comrades continued their patrol and after 15 minutes passed from the body search, two more cars raided and immediately 6 cowboys run onto the comrades and tied them with handcuffs. Afterwards they transported them to the Exarchia’s cop station. They put them in separated cells, controlled them again and questioned them about a stolen vehicle, they understood their stupid mistake and gave up. 
So after an hour in the cells of the cop station, they led free.
Obviously they think that with these unrelated small-kidnaps they will terrorise us, with territory power games. Cops you are fooled if you believe that with those operations a liberated ground will surrender, a ground which is founded by the sharp people of the occupied refugee community.
Assembly of the occupied Prosfygika (Sy.Ka.Pro)
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