von Dimosthenis Karavoltsios:

“-Some of the incidents that happened on Saturday 9/11/2019, have already been known since the “wellwishers” of the media had shelled everybody with the news of the day for the arrest of the so-called by them Revolutionary Self Defence group. However, some other about the character of this opperation, that means about the hunting of commrades and the busting of tens of houses with a terroristic way, had been left aside, as “collateral losses”…

-To take the story from the beggining, the same day, around 12:00am, and while I was getting out of my residence in Prosfygika neighborhood at Alexandras avenue, heading to the local social center, 50m aside, a horde of man, some of them with masks and some unmasked, terrorists of DAAEB, abducted me and lead me to the central police headquarters. With me, were also taken one female comrade, one male comrade and three neighbors of mine, the two of them were around while the third one was going out of his home and just paused to see what was this “spectacular” situation at the neighborhood. At the same time, one more neighboor was abducted , while getting out of his home. Off course the scene of terrorism had already been very well organized from the night before and more specifically the previous night, at 01:00 pm,, when in the same way another comrade had been abducted while getting out of my home, without anybody noticing what was going on and therefore, he found himself being interrogated for 12 hours and finally was released only 30 minutes after the abducation of me and the rest of the commrades.-

More specifically, reaching the social center of the neighborhood, I heard shouts behind me. As I turned back I saw the terrorists running distraughtly towards me calling me to stop. I moved slowly towards them telling them to calm down and not worry, as I was just walking around and for sure not carrying a gun as they found out on spot and later at the police offices where they checked me. I was probably lucky that they found me in front of people that know me, because I strongly believe that if this had happened during other hours and not in the middle of the day, my comrades would be searching for me for hours at the labyrinths of state and para-state units of arbitrariness.

-From the very beggining of my abduction I asked the reasons why and insisted to tell me if I am under detention or arrest. They denied my arrest and answered it is just a simple detention. They put me handcuffs with my hands on my back and they put me in civil police car, transfering me also like the other commrades to GADA and from there to the 12th floor of the “notorius” anti-terrorist squad. They let us stand, looking at the wall, while still tighted up and one by one they started checking our IDs. During our whole stay at the service we were being watched from masked men and maybe cameras that were around.

-At 14:00 pm I asked them again the reason of my abduction and I informed them that at 15:00 pm I have to take my medical treatment for a serious health problem I am dealing with. Also I informed them that the only recourse that I had against them, was to start immediately hunger and thirst strike, until they informed me for the reasons of my detention and to provide me my medicines. This was not only an act of resistence against police violence towards me as also the least of precaution from the poisoned food and water that the anti-terrorist squad uses to its hostages. I kept this position until the minute I was released, many hours later. I had in mind that this situation, combined with the lack of my medicine, could have bad consequences to my health, however in times like this a struggler has nothing left but his own body. At 16:00 pm, being under pressure from not talking my medicines, I started shouting with all my strenght, asking for tto bring in front of me the man in charge and demanding my medicines. I continued the same way, not caring for the potential violent treatment by their side and letting them know for the danger conserning my health. One of the interrogators, lead me in a room nearby where he told me to sit, while I was still tighted up with my hands in the back. He sat down opposite to me, starting a small interogation that had only one subject, if I know D.X.. I answered that I know him and that he is an anarchist but I don’t know where he is. After this 3minute “friendly interrogation”, they returned me to the room with the rest, telling me that in half an hour I will be released, something that didn’t happen, since they were just bloffing with me while the rest were being released one by one. After I was being held for many hours without knowing the reasons and also without being able to contact a laywer, I was released at 19:30. Finally, no charges against me were pressed and also all of my personal stuff, that earlier had been removed from me, were returned.

-The invasion in my house and the building I live in.-While I was being held captive in the 12th floor of anti-terrorist services, masked men from the same squad, entered the house and started an orgy of terrorism against the residents of the neighborhood I am living in. There was an invasion and research not only in my house but in the entire building. Full armed maskmen, terrorized a mother with her child, almost breaking down the door from the strokes in order to enter, and when she and her child tried to get out in search of a safe place, they brought her back by force, in order to have a witness during the investigation. They also asked her to be present at the opening and search of other houses too, that the owners where not even there. This very same scenario took place in a total of 6 houses including mine, having the classic mentality of indiscreet “collective responsibility”. This is the excact meaning of state-terrorism (reign of terror), the domination over others through terror. This is the profound difference from terrorism that is just causing terror. Because what else they waged and applied the terrorism services that day? What else they did against a neighborhood of proletarians, migrants by stuffing it for hours whith fully armed maskmen? After all the entire previous time, me and also other comrades of Prosfygika neighborhood, we where under obvious survailance as a community of squats and struggle. And this does not consist a single fact. The same is happening to many other social strugglers – recent accusations for planting “bugs” of survailance, even to academics.

-Bring back the stollen things-Returning now to the invasion in my residence, after bringing the entire house up side down, ofcourse they didn’t find the guns, nor the amount of drugs that they counted to be found. Unfortunatly for them for this specific case, the foundings consist of things that have to do with open and public political procedures and actions, or issues that i have no problem to defend publically. The hordes of anti-terrorist services and the attorney collected everything they found interesting, more precisely a big number of personal and political archive material, that only the dirty minds of anti-terrorism services can come up with a way to make them usefull, as they are useless for their ongoing police scenario. During all these, they managed to steal my PC and a mobile phone. A practice, the removal of objects from investigated houses without giving the reason and the legal justification of this action, which lacks legal base. It happens though, against people that are not even charged, and to this specific occassion, for a simple detention, without me being present. Which ethical, political or legal status and legitimation can these type of practices have?

-However, it’s not the first time that the anti-terrorist services invade Prosfygika, having prefabricated false accusations. Almost a same incident happened some years ago by targeting another anarchist, pressing heavy charges against him, that where all rebouted and he was proven innocent in front of the court. However, keeping people hostage, long term torturing and targeting of social spaces through “scapegoats” and “usual suspects” are the essence of the oppresion mecanisms.

-To say the things as they are-The operation of abduction and holding me from antiterrorist services comes on a period of raugh attack by the state and the new goverment against social base, locals and migrants or refugees, who live and work inside greek territory. Part of this attack is the repression against aranchist strugglers and their spaces of struggle but also against the defending institucionary context that is falling apart, such as the working conditions, the university asylum, etc. Already, the scenes from dozens of women and children being pushed inside police vans reminds us pogroms of other regimes, areas and erras. The same also with the invasions in places of struggle inside academical spaces. The most recent lock-out of ASOEE university indicates in the most profound way that a front of a more dark reaction has been formated from the local urban elit. Deep down, the neoliberal and neoconservative goverment of ND does nothing else but to make practice what the writer Naomi Clein thoroughly described at her script “Shock Doctrine” as the politics of looting and repression that the intenational economic and politic elit are trying to impose on societies and their wealth. In Greece, Middle East, in Chile and Africa. It is more than obvious that the first measures taken were the same as many other countries in which the tyranny of neoliberalism had been forced. Monopoly of information, overgathering of power to one person, nihilistic political talk, rough political opression. This way a modern dictatorship is been created, the dictatorship of the 21st century, same like what had happened on the 20th century at the same decades.-Unfortunately, the access to one more black page at the history of this land, which is the goverment of the “Serious Golden Dawn”,was given by the previous goverment of SYRIZA, which didn’t didn’t take any lessons from Aliente or the Wiemar Republic. They didn’t even take into account the ongoing struggles in Latin America, where coups and intervensions come one after the other, to overturn the people’s gains so far. Today, the fights that the greek social base has to give in order to upturn the dystopia which advances, will have to be incomparingly stronger. The worst of all, however, will be the dihumanization attempting to be burrowed inside of people, making the script of the big writer Kazantzakis “Christ recrucified” getting revived as a modern nightmare. Consentration camps, murders at the borders, alcohol parties and pork meat barbeques next to hungry people, fascist education. And the list is endless, until the social base stands up for resistance against this new barbaric advance.

-As far as I am concerned-I have never hiden my life and my ideas. Since I was 15 years old I am an organised anarchist taking part to political collectives, social centers and squats and also to the social, class and international struggles on a bigger scale. I come from a progressive family and I grew up with stories from Resistance, hearing that my grandfather was been beaten up in every election day, and my father lived the experience of dictatorship and the so-called certificate of civic stance. Early enough I understood that in this world, within it’s complexity, two classes do exist and combat: the oppressed society and the elit of tyrans opressors. I placed myself as a proletarian to the struggle for social justice, ecuality and freedom. I’m proud for my life and struggles, always at the services of the weak, without any personal gain.

-For these reasons I’m not afraid of false accusations and frame-ups by the state and I’m always ready to defend myself, as well as the basic principals and values of social struggle, which are common for all the opressed. In the same way I will defend my public personal and political relationships with anarchists, no matter the type of gallows that are hunging above their heads, whatever blackmails or deals will be offered to me in order to renounce them.

-With this message I declare that I will continue struggling like before because I have “hunged my cape” since a long time now, full of passion for freedom and love for the fellow men and mother nature. Because I have nothing to lose but my chains. If the wannabe persecutors want to find me, they know very well where I am.”


-Karavoltsios Dimosthenis

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