Challenging Capitalist Modernity

April 2017

This weekend, members of the Prosfygika community travelled to Hamburg, Germany, to attend the 3rd conference on Challenging Capitalist Modernity. The conference is a bi/annual event that brings together communities and organizations from four continents to discuss and learn from each other on the topics of Democratic Modernity, Women’s Empowerment, Confederalism, and the ideology of the Apoist/Kurdish revolution taking place in Rojava as we speak.

The conference presents an unique experience for militants from Rojava to meet academics studying their revolution (including the surrounding topics of direct democracy, ecology, and women’s liberation), as well as a wide range of groups that are adopting Apoist theory (social and political modes of organization, as inspired by the writings of PKK founder and Kurdish Political Prisoner Abdullah Ocalan) and doing solidarity work in Europe, as well as North and South America. Prosfygika falls into the latter category, as we are a community that seeks to jointly decentralize ourselves, and interact with the outside world as a horizontally-organized collective, as well as providing support for the Kurdish Community in Greece, and pushing for greater support for Rojava in the Greek Anarchist movement. We also see our use of militant insurrection against the Capitalist Greek Nation-State as a show of solidarity with Rojava, and the anti-Capitalist Modernity movement (although, as we found, there are factions of the same movement that shy away from such action).

We held a table at the conference, participated in workshop groups concerning international solidarity, youth organizing, and Jineology (the social science of women that was born out of Apoist thought), and met new comrades from around the world.
As a community, we salute all those who struggle around the world for liberation from Nation-States and Capitalist Modernity, and the movements in solidarity with them.

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