Antifascist “Guardening”

May 2017

In Prosfygika, we strongly believe in treating weeds like they are fascists, and fascists like they are weeds! They both have to go!!

To that end, we’ve started combining our antifascist presence in the neighborhood with weekly “guardening” sessions. Not only does this mean that we’re out and the neighborhood when Golden Dawn members (with heavy police protection) are passing by, but that we are using our time to improve the space that we live in and love. People who would only be comfortable in one space or the other also get the chance to interact in common work,meaning that the fiercest warriors are hanging out with the littlest kids!

Current projects are focusing on cleaning trash, clearing weeds (and prickly stickers), sprouting herbs and tomatoes, and bringing in hardier plants that can survive the rocky urban soil!

Guarding our plants from cars and fascists

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