Alican Albayrak and Huseyin Şahin are released from prison after 6 month!

The two comrades which were imprisoned for helping two political refugees from Turkey are free by being acquitted in their first hearing on 10 May.

Solidarity with refugees is not a crime! Freedom for Alican Albayrak and Huseyin Şahin!

On November 17, 2020, political refugees named ALI CAN AYBAYRAK and HÜSEYİN SAHIN were detained and arrested on the Greek island of Lesbos, while helping two political refugees from Turkey who came to the island to seek asylum in Greece. Both of them are also political refugees in Greece.

The fascist Turkish state has forced thousands of dissidents to leave Turkey and emigrate to Europe and many countries around the world to live their lives as political refugees with their detention arrest attacks against all social segments that are opposed to it, especially socialists and Kurdish patriots.

Alican Albayrak and Huseyin Şahin are two socialists who are fighting for democracy and freedom. They were repeatedly detained, arrested and subjected to oppression and violence while operating in the Socialist Party of the Oppressed, of which they were a member. The socialists, who had to go to Greece because of this oppression and violence, prison sentences, continued the political struggle in Greece, where they came as political asylum seekers. At the same time, they stood in solidarity with political refugees as they fought against the Greek state’s refugee-hating policies.

Since their arrival in Greece but also inside the international solidarity frame, the two comrades chose to stay in the squated neighborhood of Prosfygika, at Alexandra’s avenue. While staying there, in this multicultural community, the comrades had been a great help for community in many ways, by staying active members and also by participating to the assembly of Sy.Ka.Pro.

Alican Albayrak and Huseyin Şahin were beaten and detained in Lesbos Island while helping two political asylum seekers, and were later arrested by a prosecutor’s order. The socialists, who were subjected to torture and violence by the Greek police, were also beaten and subjected to nude search torture in the prison on Chios, where they were later taken. We are concerned about the lives and health of socialists whose personal belongings are not given, who are subjected to constant beatings and violence.

We therefore condemn the Greek state for its refugee-hating policies. As if they put refugees in inhumane conditions in the camps returning to concentration camps is not enough, it also shows hostility against political refugees with its practice of extradition/push-back that is illegal and violent.

Alican Albayrak and Hüseyin Şahin was subjected to violence, detention and arrest because they were in humanitarian solidarity with two political refugees who risked illegal extradition/push-back. Therefore, migrant workers and labourers living in Europe, progressive parties and organizations must now enter into solidarity with Huseyin and Alican.

We call on all parties and organizations operating in Europe, all workers and labourers to protest against the Greek State and to increase the fight for the immediate release of Alican Albayrak and Huseyin Şahin and to end the oppression and violence against them.

It is our political and humanitarian responsibility to grow solidarity against refugee-hating policies. We call on the Greek state to stop these refugee-hating practices and accomplice of the crimes of the fascist Turkish state.

As Assembly of Squated Prosfygika , we call in solidarity with the two comrades and in support with all the actions for spreading the message for their freedom.



Assembly of Squatted Prosfygika Alexandras ave.

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